/10th Box – St. Louis, MO – Heartlands Region
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Why Attend?

Join us for an intimate, round-table meeting format with the Swan Portfolio Manager and Director of Research.

Engage in peer discussions of solutions to address these challenges facing your clients, and your business!
* Identify strategies to serve as a distribution vehicle in a low yield environment.

* Identify portfolio construction solutions to the challenges facing the 60/40 or balanced portfolio.

Each advisor will come away with a strategy that will help:

1) move money off the sidelines;
2) find money investors could apply (currently invested elsewhere);
3) earn referrals from investors who see value/benefit in these solutions.

Participation is by invitation only to ensure diversity of opinions and a high level of intellectual exchange.
Space is limited.


10th Box  – AGENDA

PM Roundtable

Conversation with Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investments
· PM will dive into unique aspects of the Defined Risk Strategy
· Discuss risk management strategies designed for a low yield world and/or volatile environments
· Review market outlook and commentary
· Ask questions – your chance to get face-to-face with the PM

Participants will drive conversation topics.
Discussion topics can include:
· Particulars of DRS
· Bear Market for DRS
· Why DRS vs other alts that use options
· How DRS fits into in a portfolio or model,
· Where the money comes from and how much is appropriate


Challenges & Opportunities

New Solutions for New Problems

Research & Analysis from the Swan CIO Summit.
· Review daunting challenges the industry must solve to help both long term investors and retirees
· Analyze limitations of the traditional approach
· Review the 4 key math principles that actually drive investment results and ways to help investors understand them
· Share and analyze solutions discussed by research firms, top analysts, and CIOs at the Swan CIO Summit

Duration ~ 2 hours