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About the 10th Box Events

Thinking Outside the Box

We host the Swan CIO Summit annually, bringing together portfolio managers, CIOs, and research directors from over 40 firms to discuss solutions to the unique investment challenges investors face today and beyond.

Now we’re bringing it to you!  We condensed the key take-aways and highlighted insightful research from that experience into The 10th Box regional events in order to continue that dialogue with financial advisors.


New Solutions for New Problems

Advisors and investors are searching for solutions to this new, unique combination of challenges:

  • Fixed Income is a challenge – low yields punish savers, who are forced to choose between income and safety of principal. What if rate rise?
  • Equity markets are a challenge – the bull market is long in the tooth, global growth is sluggish, and most investors cannot afford another large drawdown and long recovery.

Why attend?

Now is the time.

Unpack Solutions to Solve Investment Challenges of Today and Beyond

Find & Register for a Meeting in My Area

Each advisor will come away with a strategy that will help:

1) move money off the sidelines;
2) find money investors could apply (currently invested elsewhere);
3) earn referrals from investors who see value/benefit in these solutions.

10th Box Agenda Outline

PM Roundtable

Conversation with Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investments
· PM will dive into unique aspects of the Defined Risk Strategy
· Discuss risk management strategies designed for a low yield world and/or volatile environments
· Review market outlook and commentary
· Ask questions – your chance to get face-to-face with the PM

Participants will drive conversation topics.
Discussion topics can include:
· Particulars of DRS
· Bear Market for DRS
· Why DRS vs other alts that use options
· How DRS fits into in a portfolio or model,
· Where the money comes from and how much is appropriate

Challenges & Opportunities

New Solutions for New Problems

Research & Analysis from the Swan CIO Summit.
· Review daunting challenges the industry must solve to help both long term investors and retirees
· Analyze limitations of the traditional approach
· Review the 4 key math principles that actually drive investment results and ways to help investors understand them
· Share and analyze solutions discussed by research firms, top analysts, and CIOs at the Swan CIO Summit

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.

A 10th Box Session is Coming to Your Area

Join us for an intimate, round-table meeting format with the Swan PM and Director of Research.

Engage in peer discussions of solutions to address the challenges facing your clients, and your business!

Agenda Outline*

Welcome & Introductions

 – The Dual Dilemma & The Math That Matters –

 – PM Round Table Discussion –

 – Portfolio Implementations 


Total time ~ 1-2 hours depending on the venue.

* Meeting start times vary depending on the location.
Or check with your Swan investment consultant regarding dates, times and locations.
Find & Register for a Meeting in My Area


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